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client site

abcryb . com

I was hired to work on a project with Dusen Dusen where we used the Microsoft Surface pro to build a site and all its assets. It's a cute little interactive site with different activities.

client site

Avery Shorts Season 0

Designed and built season 0 of the architectural e-newsletter Avery Shorts, produced by the Columbia Books for Architecture and the City.

client site

Avery Shorts Season 3

Designed and built season 3 of the architectural e-newsletter Avery Shorts, produced by the Columbia Books for Architecture and the City. I used emojis to spell out letters, it was fun.


My personal site for years. It's the site I used to learn everything I know and love about making websites. It's the first domain I ever bought. At first I played around with making simple and fun hand made HTML pages. This is still my preferred method of making sites. XD


Cosmic Metropolis

A website showcasing my dad's large-scale pen drawing Cosmic Metropolis. The drawing is in 6x3 panels which are each 16"x24". The image also wraps around itself, so it can be tiled infinitely.


DJ Mario Tennis Volume 1: Uhhh... Yahhh!


Draw Hub

A second attempt at a drawing app using some of my drawing tools. :)

client site

dusendusen . com

Website for clothing and homegoods brand dusendusen. Designed by elana schlenker. Easter eggs are placed throughout the site to add to the fun.


Ellsworth prints

A work consisting of 3 prints generated by shape generator. 24x16". 2014.


Emoji Grid

This is a tool I built to help design email newsletters for Avery Shorts. You can create a grid and fill it in with different emojis. Then you can paste it into an email and know the grid will look the same in every email client.


flopflopflop . com

A website for the band Flower Girl. Drops you into a random point in a random jam session. Click to jump around randomly. It kinda doesn't work anymore. I should fix it.

client site

follytreearboretum . com

Website for Folly Tree Arboretum, an experimental arboretum, art residency, and learning center. I did the design and development.


Random Picture Frame

client site

iwriteartiststatements . com

I Write Artist Statements, operated by artist and writer Liz Sales. Designed by Elana Schlenker, built by me.


Daily Notepad

Self-erasing daily diary open to the public. I check the logs infrequently so a good way to leave me a note :)

client site

peterghoffman . com

Portfolio website for photographer Peter Hoffman. The home page is a randomized sequence of images that all look good together. Shows his client work as well as personal photography work.


Prism blog

A blog that posts a new generated image daily.



/roʊˈdeɪoʊ/, a super computer by Cory Arcangel that plays phone games. Check out this iFrame of the official webpage by Arcangel studio about the computer.


Stamp Refresh Print Edition

2020 4-color print on Coventry Rag paper, 44x30". Edition of 7, 2 artist proofs.


Uniform, Universal, Unique

Essay for Avery Shorts about designing their Season 3 email template and website. I discuss trying to use emojis as design elements in emails, and how screwed up it got.


Wire Painting

Acrylic paint on paper, electrical wire.

client site

Van Dusen Architects

Website for my dad's architecture practice.

client site

As It Stands . LA

Website for LA gallery As It Stands, (un)designed by me and built by me.

client site

sophieloujacobsen . com